Workers Compensation Process

The Strategic Focus Workers Compensation Provider is Texas Mutual. Employee’s aligned to our program are required to be seen by an in network provider to support workplace injuries. 


Once you're on our workers compensation provider website Texas Mutual, you can narrow this down by zip code:

  1. Find a Dr. or Pharmacy

  2. Go to Urgent Care/Treating Doctor Link

  3. Input the associated zip code closest to the injured employee

Attached is a copy of our WC Incident report packet. This packet is what needs to be completed for each workplace injury. The employee (after being stabilized) will need to complete a workplace injury report, along with the area manager. 


NOTE: Page 5 of this packet contains a Treatment Authorization that must be sent with the employee or faxed directly to the treating facility in advance of services being rendered.

Please contact Kristin Battle 214-888-6776 or your designated rep (Sommer Hall) at 972-942-8417. Please email all Incident Report information to